Why Silent Venus?

The Silent Venus Macerator offers you the opportunity to install a bathroom anywhere with minimal costs. Our toilets, macerators, and other plumbing hardware are constructed from quality materials; what’s more, everyone can afford them!

The best part of the Silent Venus Systems are their ability to be installed without any major construction. The design of our powerful macerating units warrant no breaking of concrete floors, digging of trenches, or underground installations of plumbing and pumps. With Silent Venus, you get the best of both worlds: quality and affordability with zero added expense.


"Solved a problem in a tight space, doesn't have a tank so does Not require a vent which is a big plus. (running a vent from basement is a pain!) The sink drain inlet is a big help for creating a quick 1/2 bath. Automatic fill and flush works well and is quieter than I thought it would be."


"The previous owner of my home had put in a top of the line pump-out system, but it only lasted three or four years. That system cost over grand before installation. When we needed to replace it, I ended up choosing the Silent Venus for a fraction of the cost. We have it hooked up to the toilet, bathroom sink, and shower. It works just as well as the old one did."


"Works great easy Install! Worth every penny, much cheaper than paying. plumber and or contractor to install basement bathroom. no hard labor involved. Thanks for a great product. Worth the $$$!!"


  • Far Fewer Headaches!
  • No Venting Required
  • No Underfloor Plumbing Needed
  • No Digging for Sewage Line Installation

Save a ton of

This can all be done by you or a qualified person in just a few hours (if you prefer). Cutting your installation time by 80%

Zero Additional

The expense of reports and ground surveys, plant hire, plumber and construction costs are all astronomical. None of that is required

No Breaking Of

There is no need for big power tools, breaking of concrete floors, or laying of pipes. Our system can work with existing pipes and all can be achieved above ground.

construction ​

Our toilets and bathrooms can be fitted in a matter of hours, not days. No construction or men in hard hats needed! Less mess, less turmoil.