Sadly things become important when they turn into a trend. However, when that trend is over, people tend to forget their original purposes. Being eco-friendly should not be time-bound; rather, it should be a lifestyle. You probably have heard this famous quote "the world is in your hands"; but, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself: "Is it actually in my hands?" What's the point as surely one person out of 9 billion won't make a difference in this world?".

Change starts with you. BUT WAIT! Don’t feel overwhelmed. The truth is that even though you’re only one out of 9 billion people, your actions matter the most. If you think about it, the more people that adopt the mindset of: “my actions can make a difference”, the more positive outcomes will result. Positive results will come if each person begins to contribute positively without waiting to see who else is on the “bandwagon”.

Consider how parents take care of a newborn! The parents will ensure safety, security, and structure for this baby; they will provide food, clean clothing, and a caring atmosphere. This is how we should be taking care of our world! Why not take action today and make it a habit to dispose of all your trash in bins instead of on the road. Indeed, this will be the start, where you will manage your “baby” effectively.  

Being eco-friendly shouldn't be a trend, it should be a decision that we all make to take care of the world we live in.

  • Jul 21, 2021
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