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I get asked just about everyday how my painted tile is holding up.  After 2 years (in a high traffic area) I have had a few chips and scratches (mostly very small) and one large scratch where my daughter scraped a lego back and forth to chip the paint.  She can be a bit destructive.  I’ll be honest though, without an intention to really scratch up the paint ( INSERT FRUSTRATED TONE), I have had very few problems.  If you plan to paint your tile, I  would strongly suggest thouroghly reading through my last tutorial and the comments section at the end!

I have been very happy with how my floor has held up. So much so that I painted and stenciled my hallway bathroom floor last month.  (shown below)

This time I used a different product.  Instead of chalk paint (which I used on my mudroom floor & shown above), I used a low luster epoxy paint…mostly used for garage floors.  I really wanted to see if this would be more durable and bring you an objective opinion. Read on as I share the full tutorial on how I painted and stenciled my bathroom tile with epoxy paint!  You can shop all the supplies needed for this project below!

and don't forget to add your Silent Venus toilet once you have your design and paints at the ready! 



  • Sep 18, 2021
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