Silent Venus presents our award-winning  one-piece toilet macerator, a modern self-contained toilet for easy installation. There's no construction needed so you won't risk any structural damage to your property. Install this toilet easily in a basement or anywhere else in your home.

What’s in the box?

  • Instruction Manual
  • Toilet Unit
  • Macerator
  • Motion Light

Pre- Installation Tips

  • Use only a long sweeping 90° bend elbow or 2 - 45 degree bend elbows.
  • Model SVT100 does not need an air vent. NEVER connect the unit to an Air Admittance Valve (AAV). It will disrupt the pump's operation and may damage the unit. Failure to follow this will void the warranty.
  • Maximum vertical head is 16 feet or maximum horizontal head is 164 feet. Observe a friction loss of 3 feet horizontal on every elbow turn or valve.
  • Use only approved copper, PVC, or CPVC pipe Schedule 40. Do NOT use a flexible hose as this will disrupt the macerator’s operation and may cause rattling noises.
  • For easy maintenance, install a check valve at the discharge pipe observing flow direction.
  • Install a pipe bracket every 2-3 feet. When the pipe brackets are too far,  the pipe will sag when it is loaded and will cause blockage. Ensure a correct distance of pipe brackets to avoid sagging.
  • Installation of the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) must follow The National Electrical Code (NEC), or NFPA 70 standards.
  • Always confirm the installation with plumbing codes.

Safety Reminders

  • Read the manual thoroughly or consider getting professional help to install the Macerating Pump if needed. Silent Venus will not be held liable for any property damage or personal injury during installation.
  • Before proceeding, Inspect the package for any signs of damage, such as box watermarks, sharp object punctures, ceramic cracks, and loose fittings.
  • Always observe your surroundings for any potential electrical hazards, pipe pressures, fumes, sharp objects, and other hazards during installation.
  • The work area should be clean and well lit.

Installation Process

Installation of the unit is simple, You just have to follow these three steps.

Step 1: Position the toilet and fix it to the ground. Mark the spots on the ground where the holes need to be

Use a ⅜” drill bit size for drilling. The white plastic angle holders can now be fixed to the floor using the screws provided

Step 2: Connect the toilet to the existing water supply  - one end of the hose is connected to the water supply and the other to the toilet inlet.

Choose an FIP (braided hose not provided) for the connection

Step 3: Connect the 1” PVC pipe and secure the outlet discharge pipe with a clamp. 

Finally, plug the unit into the electrical outlet and test.

Maintenance Tips

  • Do NOT flush paper towels, wet wipes, or any foreign objects as that will damage the macerator.
  • For Maintenance, use CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover) regularly
  • Use a winterizing agent for cold weather conditions to avoid pipe freezing

You can now enjoy your modern and hassle free toilet. 

For any inquiries, installation assistance, or technical support, please call Silent Venus support at (800) 972-8597 between 8am and 7pm EST Monday through Friday and between 9am and 6pm EST on Saturday.  

Quick Unboxing Demonstration Video

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