Here is our simple guide on the do’s and don’t as the owner of a macerating toilet.

Before buying make sure the macerator toilet you buy is right for you and for the space it’s needed for. We offer a range of macerating toilets from a one-piece self-contained unit, to a two-piece with a tank top sink. Plus we offer just the macerating pump to work with your existing toilet, so we are sure we have the right product for you and the space you have available: anything from a small RV to an attic space.

    1. Use your toilet strictly for what it is designed for and only put human waste and toilet paper and/our wipes. Nothing else. We cover this elsewhere but to reiterate simply: put nothing more than TP, our wipes, and human waste.
    2. Use our descaler on a regular basis. This is all you need and luckily for you, we will be selling these very shortly.
    3. Do not use bleach or soap when cleaning the toilet, the descaler will work fine, and it’s exactly what we designed it for.
    4. If you do have issues with your macerating toilet and something is not right, then call a professional. Call our support line: (800) 972-8597

At we offer a range of Descalers and wipes, both of which were designed by us and for exclusive use with our macerating toilets. But if you cannot get hold of those just yet, then we recommend a plant based brand such as Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Oct 26, 2021
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