Silent Venus Macerating Toilet (One Piece) With Standard Bowl
Silent Venus Macerating Toilet (One Piece) With Standard Bowl

Silent Venus Macerating Toilet (One Piece) With Standard Bowl

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General Description:

The Silent Venus macerating toilet has no external water tank as the flushing mechanism is built-in and is totally electric. The discharge pipe of the Silent Venus is 1 inch in diameter and pumps the effluent upwards to 16 feet and/or 164 feet horizontally. The discharge pipe-work may be made with either copper or solvent welded plastic material, provided that a consistent gravity fall of 2% is maintained throughout the run. The Silent Venus is a self-contained toilet with the macerator pump and an electrically activated flushing action built inside the unit. That is why this toilet can be installed in very small places. Silent Venus does not depend on gravity, so it can be used where large diameter pipe cannot be used.

Item Specifics:

    • Model Number: One Piece Toilet
    • Amperage: 7.2 AMPM
    • Horsepower: 0.8
    • Electrical Supply(V): 110-115V; 60Hz;
    • Motor Speed(RPM): 3600
    • Discharge Pipe Diameter(in): 1″
    • Vertical Discharge:16 ft
    • Input Voltage: 0.5HP AC 110-120v, 60Hz
    • Noise Level: 39DB
    • Dimensions (measured from floor level): 20″ x 16″ x 22″
    • Vertical Discharge: 19ft
    • Horizontal Discharge:164 ft
    • Gravity fall on horizontal Installations: 1/4″ per ft
    • Normal Running Time WC: 10-15 seconds
    • Certifications: CE & ROHS
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Maximum Temperature(°F): 95 degree
    • Water Consumption(gallons): 1(Green Friendly)


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