Silent Venus Sink For Toilet Tanks (Toilet Top Sink)

Product Code: 5D-PC7X-45PN

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Silent Venus space saving Toilet Top Sink. The perfect solution for when you are tight on space i your small bathroom. Add a sink tank to the top of your toilet.

  • Toilet tank included (Bowl sold separately)

  • Our product is an amazing space, water & money saver

  • Modern and clean design

  • Compatible with Regular Tanks measuring 14" as measured with the lid off (Toilet Bowl Sold Separately)

  • Connection to bowl and tank - 6" Tank bolt distance (On Center - Hole Distance)

Warranty: One Year
Delivery: Free Delivery within USA
Usually ships:  Within 2 days and 4 days for delivery
Installation: No plumber required and can be installed in 30 minutes.

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