In 2017, Emmaus Ferdinand was in the process of renovating his basement and wanted to include a bathroom oasis, perfect for his man-cave. Excitedly, he quickly hired a contractor to help realize this dream but he was given some unsettling news - the ‘basement bathroom’ was too far below the pipeline system; in other words there was not enough gravitational force to help move the wastewater and sewage from the toilet to the main sewage line. 

The contractor suggested that Emmaus could dig up the new self-laid floors to install a sewage-ejector system, an option that made absolutely no sense to Emmaus; who would do that?

The suggestion was expensive and practically unrealistic! Emmaus’ dream of adding his bathroom was shattered by the expensive price tag as well as the complete destruction of his new flooring and walls. 

Although Emmaus was disillusioned, he did not concede! Thinking, imagining, researching, and brainstorming were his watchwords for the next few days! He was not about to have his dreams shattered by this roadblock. Finally, Emmaus settled on three possible options - 

  1. Surrender and move on - this was not an option for him.

  2. Follow along the advice provided by his contractor which involved purchasing a sewage-ejector system and destroy all the connected walls and flooring while spending thousands of dollars that was definitely outside his budget for this project; he would also have to accept the excessive noise that would be prevalent while the system was running.

  3. Purchase a composting toilet system - usually found in RVs and boats - which would require someone to manually remove the toilet waste and which would also leave a highly unpleasant smell. The other challenge was the inability to easily connect a shower or sink so having a full bathroom with this option was almost out of the question.

 Emmaus was disenchanted once again but he continued his research and thinking over the next couple of weeks. They say what you focus on gets done and he was going to prove it! 

With his laser-focused determination, Emmaus uncovered a technological breakthrough where he could install a silent pump system practically anywhere that had a power outlet and a water line. That meant, no wall or floor destruction, no manual waste removal, no residual smells, all at a super low cost!!!

Emmaus completed the installation himself and decided that no other homeowner should have to go through this painful experience; this was the birth of Silent Venus! This is absolutely the simplest and most cost effective solution for adding a bathroom virtually anywhere in your home or business. The simple macerator technology is where all the magic happens and you can share that experience by purchasing the Macerator Pump or a complete unit built on that Macerator Pump Technology.