Is the uint good for cleaning both front and rear regions or just the front?

It can do both.

Is there a weight limit for the seat (plus the person) weighing on the bidet?

This bidet is made of high-quality durable ABS material and can support up to 300 pounds (136 Kg) .

My toilet has a flush valve, but no tank. Can this unit (bidet and seat) be installed?

The unit attaches between the bowl and the seat; there is no connection with the tank at all.

Does the unit come with a water hose?

Yes, a braided hose is included in the box

Can the unit be installed for left-handed control?


Can you attach the unit to warm water?

No, the water comes from the same location that also feeds the tank; note that if the water feeding the tank is hot, the unit would be able to handle the temperature up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius) .

Does the unit come in another color aside from white?


What size is the tee, doesn't it fit my angle stop?

The connector is usually ½” x ½” so it should fit any standard plumbing connection

My unit has a non-flexible supply line. Do I have to buy a flexible line for the bidet to work?

No you do not need to purchase any added items.

Is the stream direction of water from the bidet nozzle adjustable ?

Yes, you can adjust the nozzle slightly.

Does the nozzle sprayer retract?

Yes, the nozzle pops down when in use and retracts when not in use.

Is the unit approved by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)?


Does this unit work on a handicap ceramic toilet?

This depends on the size and shape of your toilet; you may contact support for further information .

Does the water supply come from the reservoir tank?

No the water supply comes from angle valve

Does the unit require an electrical connection or power source?

No, the product is a non-electric mechanical bidet .

How thick is the part that goes between the bowl and the seat?

About ⅜” thick.

Can the controls be mounted on the left side?

No, the only design available has the knobs on the right side, but they're pretty easy to reach even if you're left handed.

Can the unit work on my toilet installed in my RV?

Yes but only if the RV toilet is the same size as a regular house toilet.

I live where winters are very cold. Will it always deliver cold water?

The water comes straight off the feed in the back of the toilet. So water will always be the temp of the water that comes out.

Will the unit fit a Toto toilet?

The product should fit most American standard toilets. Kindly reach out to us directly and provide us a picture of the toilet seat that you are referring to so that we can provide you with the correct answer.

Will the unit work with a soft-close toilet seat?

Yes. It should work with most toilet seats.

Does this item qualify for free returns?

Yes (conditions apply).