VENT Questions

How do you vent this pump since there is no venting outlet?

The top inlet must be used.

Can I use the air admittance valve for venting?


Do I need a p-trap for the tub line?

In most cases you would not need the p-trap. Note: the key is having enough ‘pitch’ (slope) toward the pump

Does this unit need to be vented?

Yes. The unit has a slot for a vent connection.

Does the unit require sewage venting for foul odor?

We recommend venting the unit although the unit relies on activated carbon to deodorize.

I’m attaching the toilet sink and shower; do I still need to vent the unit?

Yes, venting is needed on every plumbing fixture.

Can you connect a vent pipe to the pump?

Yes, however the pump already has a built-in vent.

Can an admittance valve be used on a vent?

IWe do not recommend using an Air Admittance Valve at all.


Conventional Toilet Inquiries

Can I use a conventional toilet with the Silent Venus Macerator?

We recommend using an upflush toilet, however, with proper fittings and elevation, you surely can; however, we would recommend using a professional to assist in this case.

What exactly does ‘upflush toilet’ mean?

This is a toilet bowl that discharges at the back of the unit as opposed to downward discharges that are used in conventional toilets

To be more specific will this unit work with conventional toilets?

No, it must be a ‘rear-flush’ (upflush) unit

Can the toilet flush paper towels with this macerating unit attached?

We do not recommend flushing paper towels as that might damage the macerator; note that our unit is designed for small amounts of toilet paper and human waste. Our flushables wipes may also be used.


Power and Switch Inquiries

Does the toilet dispose of waste immediately when flushed?


Does the macerator grind with every flush?


Does this pump have a manual switch?

No, the macerating pump is connected to your electrical supply and automatically discharges waste via float and switch

How do I readjust the internal float switch?

There is nothing to adjust; the macerating pump has its own built-in float-switch

Does this work in the USA using a standard 15Amp receptacle/outlet?

Yes, as long as you connect the unit to a 110 Volts outlet. We recommend using a GFCI outlet for extra protection.

Is a GFCI outlet required?

Yes, according to the National Electrical Code - Article 210.8 - all bathroom receptacles must be GFCI protected.


Discharge Pipe Size

I was originally using the Saniflo Macerator which requires only ¾” piping for discharging output. Can I still use the existing ¾” diameter piping for the Silent Venus macerator?

Yes. ¾” ⌀ rigid pipe is an ideal discharge pipe size for our macerator.

Can you pump the discharge through a three-quarter inch line

Yes, the discharge pipe can be either ¾” or 1”⌀

Can you use a ¾” inch flexible hose for the discharge pipe?

No; we recommend using only piping

How can I connect the discharge outlet to a regular 1½” ⌀ pipe?

You will need to purchase a 1½” to ¾” bushing reducer or bell reducer.

What diameter is the discharge pipe?

The macerator discharge pipe size can be ¾” or 1”⌀ rigid pipe.

What is the diameter of the holes on the chopping cylinder?

¾” ⌀

Can I use 1½” schedule 40 PVC for discharge?

No. Use you can only use a ¾”⌀ schedule 40 PVC pipe

Does the unit have a check valve on the discharge?

Yes. It has a check valve (non-return) valve on the discharge


Toilet Rear Discharge Size

How do you attach the toilet discharge to this macerator?

A 3” PVC coupling will suffice. The rubber spigot will seal the hole.

I have a saniflo unit that needs replacing. Does this fit the saniflo toilet?


Can I use the Silent Venus Macerator on any upflush toilet?

Our macerator has a flexible 3½”⌀ rubber connection (spigot) that makes it compatible with most upflush toilets without additional couplings; please contact support@silentvenus.comfor confirmation on your brand.


Sink and Shower Drains / Greywater Inlets

How high is the shower inlet?

Between 1.5 and 3 inches - this depends on the model you purchased from us

Are there any specially designed bathtubs that must be used with the unit?

No, you can safely use a conventional bathtub elevated ona 2X4 platform. A Clawfoot bathtub would also be ideal

Where can I get the fittings to connect the 1½” pipe?

All, necessary fittings are included in the box

What is the maximum pipe size for the inlets (where I can connect a shower or urinal)?

The unit has two 1½”⌀ inlets.

My pump keeps cycling? How do I fix it?

Verify there are no leaks on the water lines connected to the macerating unit. Use CLR descaler every two months in the toilet water tank to ensure the flapper remains sealed.


Descaling / CLR

How often do you need to descale?

Hard minerals, sludge and grease clog up the float switch. Descaling frequency really depends on usage of the unit; however, we recommend descaling once a month.

What descaler is recommended for cleaning the pump?

We recommend CLR (Calcium Lime and Rust) descalers


Macerating Unit Specifications / Dimension inquiries

What are the dimensions of the unit?

height 12" X width 20" X depth 8”.

How long is the electric cord?

The electric chord is about 40”.

What is the required voltage for the unit?


How loud is the macerator?

39dB (decibel) .

How many gallons can the toilet flush?

The maximum flow is 34 gallons a minute .

What is the power rating on the unit?

600 watts = 0.81 HP .

How do I adjust the water tank level?

TThere is an opening at the bottom of the flush valve; you may adjust the opening to increase/decrease the volume of water per flush .