Can this toilet be installed on the second storey?

Yes, as long as you have a way to connect it to your existing sewer drainage system.

Can the toilet flush paper towels?

While it can flush paper towels, we highly recommend that this is not done because flushing paper towels may damage the macerator; note, our macerator is designed for small amounts of toilet paper and human waste.

Can a bidet be attached to the toilet?

Yes. You will need to connect the water supply to the bidet

Is the seat a standard size, and can you replace the seat with another seat?

It is standard size and we recommend keeping the original seat that came with the product

Will the toilet overflow when using the bidet?

The SVT100 unit works well with a bidet. When the bowl is full the toilet will automatically flush.

If I purchased the SVT100 unit and it stopped working properly, who do I contact for support?

You may call us at (800) 972-8597 or email us at and we can provide some troubleshooting tips and we may reschedule a video call with our internal master plumber to help resolve the problem if needed. We also recommend that you contact a local plumber who can work independently or with us if you are faced with a very complex problem.

Can I use an existing 1½”⌀ (diameter) ABS drain pipe for discharge?

Yes, but you should take extra care to ensure the pipe fittings join properly to avoid leaks.

What discharge pipe do you reccomend?

Use a 1”⌀ (diameter) PVC schedule 40 (rigid pipe).

Should I experience a foul smell with the SVT100 Unit?

ur unit flushes everything immediately so there should be any foul odor as all waste matter will be dispelled.

Can this unit work in my RV and how will waste be discharged?

Yes, our unit is perfect for RV use and you can discharge your waste in a dump station at regular intervals.

Can I use an existing 1½”⌀ (diameter) ABS drain pipe for discharge?

Yes, but you should take extra care to ensure the pipe fittings join properly to avoid leaks.

We lost the anchor bolts. Can you suggest an acceptable replacement from the hardware store?

You can purchase any type of anchor bolt available in the hardware with ½” diameter.

Can you connect a sink and a shower to this?

No, not to this model. A sink and shower can be connected to our SVP600 model.

How high above the floor is the sewage ejection hole on the back of the toilet?

About 13”.

Does the unit have a circuit board/motherboard?


Is the braided hose and angle valve included in the box?

No. You can purchase it in your local hardware store.

Is a GFCI outlet required?

Yes. National Electrical Code - Article 210.8 states that all bathroom receptacles must be GFCI protected.

What descaler is recommended for cleaning the pump ?

We recommend CLR (Calcium Lime and Rust) descalers. Use it every 2 months.

What size should the discharge pipe be?

The SVT100 discharge size should be 1″⌀ (diameter).

What are the dimensions of the unit?

height 22" X width 20" X depth 17”.

How long is the electric cord?

The electric chord is about 40” .

What is the required voltage for the unit?


How loud is the macerator?

The SVT100 noise level is 39dB.

How many gallons can the toilet flush?

The maximum flow is 34 gallons a minute.

What is the power output of the unit?

600 Watts (0.8HP).

Since there does not appear to be a tank attached, where is the water stored between flushings?

The SVT100 holds a sufficient amount of water for flushing in the bowl. Once the toilet is flushed, it will automatically refill.

Can the unit be installed at an angle or in the corner of a room?

Yes. You can install it anywhere you can install a normal toilet. .

How do you connect your 1’’ discharge pipe to a 4” in the sewer line?

Connect a reducing wye fitting (4”x2”) to the sewer line; then connect the discharge pipe using a bushing reducer (2”x1”).

Is there any reason I can’t hardwire the unit instead of using a GFCI outlet?

We do not recommend hardwiring and this would void your warranty.

Is this SVT100 toilet ADA compliant?

Yes, the SVT100’s height is within the range of ADA requirements. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design: Water closets must be 17 to 19 inches from the floor (measured from the floor to the top of the toilet seat). ... They need a gripping surface of at least 1.25 inches, mounted at least 1.5 inches from the wall (include the link to source) Source link: 4.7 Toilet Stalls (fig.30) .

How would this unit be “winterized” to prevent freezing when closing a summer camp?

You simply turn off the water supply, flush, then add a quart of antifreeze and flush again.

How long does the flush cycle last?

Around 10 seconds.

How can I avoid leaks of non-return valves?

Make sure the pipe is properly installed. The vertical length of the pipe must be shorter that the horizontal connection.

Is there a way to open the macerator?

No, SVT100 is a sealed type unit. For troubleshooting and parts please call us at (800) 972-8597 or email us at Also, our products come with a lifetime warranty (special conditions apply) .

What size breaker is needed?

A standard 20-Amp breaker, using #12 wire and a 15 Amp GFCI outlet is all that is needed.

Is p-trap needed?


I used the high pressure 1" pvc discharge pipe so the inside is slightly smaller; will this cause a problem?

No, the inside diameter can be as small as ¾”.

Can I use an extension pipe for the one-piece toilet?

No. Extension pipes are only for our 2pc SVP600 Upflush Toilet.

What material is the motor made out of?

The motor is made out of copper.

How powerful is the motor in the macerator?

2800 RPM.

How many gallons can the toilet flush?

The maximum flow is 34 gallons a minute.

Does the unit require venting?

The SVT100 is a self-contained unit and does not need an air vent.

Can an air admittance valve be used?