Is the unit battery operated?


What size batteries are used?

3 AAA batteries.

Do you need to install an app with this device?


Is the light blinding at night?


My toilet bowl rim is extra wide-2” or slightly more- will it fit?

Yes it will fit. The arm on the light is bendable and can fit on all bowl rims.

Is the light bulb replaceable?


Does the light stay off during the day to conserve battery life?

The unit will remained turned off unless it detects motion and there is no other source of light nearby.

How many lights come in the package?


Does it work with the lid closed?

Yes, the sensor sits outside the bowl.

Is this unit waterproof?

No, it is only water-resistant; you can clean it with a wet towel, but you cannot wash it nor soak in water.

How do I turn it on/off?

It turns off automatically after 2-3 minutes of inactivity; you may also remove the batteries to ensure it does not turn on .

Is there a manual online?

Yes, it is the same manual that came with the unit

How do you change the colors?

Simply click the button beside the sensor; each time you click the button the color changes .

If the unit gets wet, will it work?

Some moisture won't affect the device; however you cannot immerse the unit in water or any other liquid

Does this item qualify for free returns?

It is best to speak with CSR to determine if the unit is still under warranty

How long does the light stay on after no motion is detected?

2 to 3 minutes